Monday, 3 March 2014

My Way

This song must have been recorded more or less around 1992 too. Unlike the other songs on our "Demo 2" (even though I dont remember if there was a demo 1) this one is played by me alone.

I remember that we have recorded this whole "Demo 2" in the band room at the music school "Studio de musique André". My friend Guillaume Poitras was going out with the daughter of the owner of the school (and yes its her that the song Mr. Cornflakes is about) and as a result of this he had the key to the music school and we got to go there for free to practice after the school was closed. That was actually very nice of the owner

But that one time we had practiced quite enough and we were planning to record. So we connected a tape deck to the console all the instruments were connected in and just played our songs. So all that to say that when I played this song, even though I was playing it all alone, everybody was there with me :)

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