Monday, 28 April 2014


I think this is a great punk song with a "woodsy" "swingy" verse that sounds quite original. Developing those "woodsy" "swingy" chords one day at my parents house in Sherbrooke is how the song started for me. Then the punker part came to me just like a logical response to the first part and pretty much all the rest of the song as well... then it was only a matter of setting a fixed structure and the song was ready for the band. The band loved it right away!

The lyrics it was never 100% clear where they were going, I guess I'm still trying to figure what I was trying to say in that song.

One day if we ever find the time to record any of those songs more professionally, this one definitely gets my vote :)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Masterville.. I remember that in the last years of Miss Steak this was our favorite song to play :) This recording is probably not the best time we have played it but it gives the idea. Maybe we will try recording it again one day!

One of the problems with the recording of this song is that it was recorded on a 4 tracks. Ah the 90s... hum well this was recorded in 2000 but you know what I mean. Back then people did not have powerful computers and the Pirate Bay to fetch all the pro music programs for free, back then kids who werent signed with a recording company could only convince their parents of buying them a 4 tracks it they were spoiled enough, like me! So since we recorded on a 4 tracks but I wanted to be able to add infinite back vocals and sound effects afterwards, I had to leave at least 2 tracks free, so I can record a new thing and then copy track 2 and 3 together on track 4 so I can now record something else on either 2 or 3 and then mix it with 4 on the remaining track and so on... so all that to say that we had to record all the music on 1 mono track, drum + bass + 2 guitars, I put my vocals alone on track 2 to be mixed in with the back vocals and sound effects later.

Because of this, it was not possible to remove any fuck ups in the instruments, it was basically a live recording. Like for example at 1:35 there was a fuck up on the MIDI guitar and since it was not possible to remove it or to just mute the entire music for that 2 seconds I actually added a "bwa bwa bwa" vocal over it to cover it up :P But it is what it is, today with our i7 processors and stolen Cubase we have infinite tracks so there is no need to keep and fuck ups anymore... So just wait till we re-record this one :)