Saturday, 24 May 2014

A new Miss Steak webpage

Just to give you a heads up, I have started a new Miss Steak webpage on my own server so I will be able to host audio files and other goodies. You can see it at

Care, an old forgotten success, not completely forgotten.

I remember when I composed this song, it was in the early 90s. The song was basically a ripoff of Smashing Pumpkin's "Today". It was not long after "Today" became popular on MTV. Just like in "Today" my song "Care" featured little hig pitch guitar notes that went on for a while as the verse and then for the chorus, heavy power chords with distortion kicked in.

I did something funny the night I first composed and recorded that song. I used a tape cassette recorder and pressed record, played and sang the song, then played that tape in another tape cassette while playing the second guitar and vocals I came up with while recording the result in the first tape cassette. I was amazed of the result, for the first time I recorded 2 tracks of guitar + 2 tracks of vocals. Everything was harmonized. I made copies of the resulting tape and gave some to all of my friends because I was so proud, I wonder if someone still has one of those tapes anymore, Id love to get my hands on one of those!

Then we proceeded to start playing that song along with my other songs in my band Miss Steak, my friend Guillaume was playing the guitar and vocals harmonies. One day we did a show somewhere and played that song and lots of people came to see us after the show angrily accusing us of stealing that song, pretenting that my friend Jean-Michel Cabana had initially written it. I was like "what??".

This guy Jean-Michel was a good pal of mine, it turned out one day he made a party at his place, played that song and told people it was his. I was not even mad at him :) more like flattered... and a bit annoyed :P

Anyways, on went life, this song "Care" was one of the most popular songs of the early Miss Steak but unfortunately I do not have any recording of it for the moment. Thats why I was so excited when I found out that my friend MAC (see his website at had recorded a version of it. Now his version is the only known version.

There is no video version of the song yet, but I am hosting a copy of it on my own Miss Steak webpage ( here is the direct link to the song:

MAC - Care (Miss Steak cover)