Monday, 3 March 2014

Miss Steak's first success, Mr. Cornflakes

This must have been recorded around 1992. The lyrics of this song were initially "I am in love with my best friend's girlfriend". But since my best friend was in the band I felt this was problematic, so before anyone can ever hear the song I changed the lyrics to "Mr. Cornflakes, avez vous faim pour déjeuner?" (Mr. Cornflakes are you hungry for breakfast) as a joke and the rest of the lyrics were about a guy eating his breakfast and spitting it out.

It was a hit!! All my friends and everybody at the school were crazy about the song, they asked me for tapes, were playing it on the student radio. I literally became a school star after making this song. I was the Mr. Cornflakes guy!!

Back then we already had a band that I founded myself called Miss Steak but our drummer, François Brousseau was an ok drummer but he hated to practice and repeat the songs, he kept complaining. One friend of a friend Iohann Laliberté was renowned to be a monster drummer for his exploits in the "Harmonie Jeunesse" (an orchestra for kids organized by the city or one of the schools). My best friend and I had asked him to join our band but he was not sure if he was interested he said he would think about it. One night at a party I played this song for him and that's when he decided to join the band, its also him on the drums on this recording and every Miss Steak recording up to date, there are no Miss Steak recordings with François Brousseau but I have recordings of him playing with my previous band "Explorers".

Mr. Cornflakes was the song that initially gave life to Miss Steak and put them on the map, but a few years later we had so many other songs that were so much better and less lame we started refusing to play this song, partially because we were so tired of it :P

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  1. Great song! Nice to finally hear it after hearing about it for so many years :)